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Who We Are

Comtel Systems Ltd. is an Industrial Electronics company that has been in operation since 2002, located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Our key design people have an average of over 15 years experience each in the design and development of high performance pipeline tools. Comtel Systems Ltd. was established to produce a superior product line that is significantly better than other products at very competitive prices.

This new line of superior tracking tools is manufactured by us under the trade name of MAGNEWAVE. This line includes the regular and coded range of pipeline transmitters (also called Pingers) that are attached to pipeline pigs, as well as very small specialty and custom made transmitter types that can be used in almost any application. Size, operational time and transmission distance can be specified in custom order requests. Please see our Transmitter Section for more details.

Our tracking receivers (also called pig trackers or pig detectors) are available in both simple and coded models. Coded receivers can facilitate the tracking of multiple transmitters at the same time. Our receivers may be used as perfect matches to our line of transmitters, but they are also compatible with other manufacturer’s types. Please see our Receiver Section for more details. Magnewave is now producing a separate line of Geophone Amplifiers of exceptional performance to accommodate requests for a very light, portable amp with headphones and geophone probe. Please see our Geophone Section.

Our latest product line includes wireless and auto tracking systems. See our Wireless Tracking Section and our Auto Tracking Section. Comtel also takes on consulting assignments from other companies and organizations covering the areas of broad based industrial electronics design and implementation. Please see our Consulting Section.

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