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Wireless Tracking


​Wireless Geophone Kit

  • Wireless operation to over 125 feet (with good line of sight).

  • Exceptional sensitivity, low noise and clarity.

  • Works well to hear approaching and departing pig.

  • C cell alkaline batteries in both probe (transmitter) and amp (receiver).

  • Kit includes:

    • Wireless Amplifier (Receiver)

      • Our Geophone Amplifier Built-in

      • FM Transmitter Built-in

      • Has hard wired input jack for backup

    • Wireless Geophone Probe (Transmitter)

    • Headphones

    • 6' vehicle audio cable

    • Impact Resistant Waterproof Hard Case

Wireless Geo Transmit Probe - Cropped.png
Wireless Geo Receiver Panel Rev B.png
For wired Geophone Amplifiers information, please see our Geophones page.
For more product information and documentation,
please see our Specs and Manuals page.
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