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Updated Design:
Disposable Transmitters

  • Lower cost alternative, same great signal strength and duration.

  • Can be activated and deactivated multiple times within battery life using mechanical switch.

  • Can be configured as either pulsed or continuous by user.

Disposable Tx 1.png

Standard Transmitters

  • Large variety of standard sizes and battery types

    • Can customize for signal type, battery life and signal strength​

  • Custom designs available to fit specific pig cavities

  • Switch between signal types or strength available in some models

  • Lithium battery versions available (specify when ordering) for high temperature or extended life

  • Pressure tested to 2,200 psi (15,200 kPa)


Specialized Smart Pig (Tool) Transmitters​ Available

Transmitter with switch for Continuous or Pulsed signal.

Switch in some models for Continuous or Pulsed Signal

For more product information and documentation,
please see our Specs and Manuals page.

Also Available: Transmitter Tester

  • Small portable tester for all types of transmitters.

  • Shows pulse, continuous and codes.

  • Internal battery lasts two years.

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