• Large variety of standard sizes and battery types

    • Can customize for signal type, battery life and signal strength​

  • Custom designs available to fit specific pig cavities

  • Switch between signal types or strength available in some models

  • Lithium battery versions available (specify when ordering) for high temperature or extended life

  • Pressure tested to 2,200 psi (15,200 kPa)

Specialized Smart Pig (Tool) Transmitters​ Available

Transmitter with switch for Continuous or Pulsed signal.

Switch in some models for Continuous / Pulsed Signal (pictured) or High / Low Power

For more product information and documentation,
please see our Specs and Manuals page.

Also Available: Transmitter Tester

  • Small portable tester for all types of transmitters.

  • Shows pulse, continuous and codes.

  • Internal battery lasts two years.