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Sentinel Remote Tracking

(Auto Tracking)

  • Automated and Unmanned Pig Tracking Station

  • Can be left unattended for several weeks

  • Detects 22 Hz and Magnetic Passages

  • Satellite connected for global coverage

  • Sends Passages to e-mail, text messages and a Live Map.

  • Can pick passage time right from satellite messages on website, no download needed!

  • Two models:

    • Pipeline Sentinel

      • ​​Remote tracking only, no local recording

    • AGM Sentinel

      • ​Remote tracking and local AGM recording

      • See AGM page for details on the AGM function

  • Weatherproof, small and lightweight.​

NewSentinel Adjusted.png
For AGMs without the Sentinel Satellite connection, please see our AGM page.
For more product information and documentation,
please see our Specs and Manuals page.
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