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New for 2022: RX-102

22 Hz Receiver with built-in
OLED graph display!

Also available as an upgrade
for your RX-101

RX-102 Screen.png
RX-102 Iso.png
  • Industry standard 22 Hz Receivers

    • Ability to detect coded transmitters comes standard​

  • Very sensitive with power line hum reduction circuitry

  • Built-in internal antenna

  • Pluggable long range external antenna

  • Built in Geophone Amplifier!

  • Analog meter for 22 Hz signal strength

    • Great for precise 'null' measurements

  • Digital bars for 22 Hz and Geophone signal

  • Very long range with external antenna

Receiver8 (1).png
Available in a complete kit!

Kit includes:

  • Receiver with built-in geophone amplifier

  • External wand antenna with 6' cable

  • 50' antenna extension cable

  • Geophone probe with 50' cable

  • 6' vehicle stereo audio cable (1/8 in or 3.5 mm jack)

  • Impact resistant weatherproof hard case

All components also available separately

For standalone Geophone Amplifiers information, please see our Geophones page.
For more product information and documentation,
please see our Specs and Manuals page.
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