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Geophone4 (1).png
  • Pocket sized

  • High gain, low noise

  • Tuned specifically for geophone pig tracking

  • Built to eliminate power line and radio interference noise

  • Works well with headphones, vehicle line-in

  • Can also plug into a bluetooth adapter

  • Runs on long lasting 4 x AAA Alkaline batteries

Available in a kit!

Kit includes:

  • GeoAmp XT (Geophone Amplifier)

  • Geophone probe with 50' cable

  • Headphones

  • 6' vehicle stereo audio cable (1/8 in or 3.5 mm jack)

  • Impact resistant weatherproof hard case

Slide Out, Quick Change Battery Compartment
For our Receiver with Built-In Geophone information, please see our Receiver page.
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For more product information and documentation,
please see our Specs and Manuals page.
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