Magnewave receivers are available in both standard (22Hz) and coded models. These receivers are very sensitive to weak signals and act to reduce interference and noise. Analog and digital displays provide viewing signal strengths for all light conditions. Digital signal detection along with AC hum reduction circuitry provides good rejection in noisy electrical environments.

Durable, light anodized aluminum case with high impact Delrin handle.

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The RX-101 is a very sensitive receiver for  tracking 22Hz transmitters, including  Continuous, Pulsed and A, B, C coded  signals. It also has a built-in geophone  amplifier.

  • Two bar displays show signal strengths for 22Hz, codes and acoustics
  • Analog meter shows signal deviation – good for null measurements
  • >360 Hrs. continuous operation on 5 Alkaline C Cells (7.5 Volts)
  • 100 feet free air range (with wand antenna and 4D transmitter as a source)
  • Temperature range is +125 F to -15 F
  • Kit Weight = 18 lbs., Kit Dimensions = 10.3” W X 24.4” L X 11.4”H
  • One-year warranty (all parts and service)


  • Includes receiver with GeoAmp
  • Long range wand antenna
  • 6’ antenna cable
  • 50’ antenna extension cable
  • Geophone with 50’ cable
  • 6’ vehicle stereo audio cable
  • Hard impact waterproof field case
  • Components sold separately


  • Electronic antenna provides 2X sensitivity with reduced noise.
  • Excellent for large depth of coverage or weak signals.
  • One CR-123 Lithium cell operates for over one year.
  • Small flashing LED indicates full working capability.
  • With 6’ cable. Antenna size is 19 X 1 inches.
  • Also shown is 50’ composite cable that combines antenna and geophone extensions into one easier to use cable (sold separately)